Handy Hints for Pool Management!


Pool Cleaners

1.    My pool cleaner isnt moving!

a.    Turn off filter and empty the skimmer box and lint filter in the pump. Remove cleaner from pool and check if any debris is stuck in the underneath, if so remove it. Restart pump and filter. You may need to shake to cleaner hose to get it moving.

b.    Check pressure of Filter on the gauge. If over 120psi backwash filter. (See Filter section for backwashing). Pressure should lower to 50psi.

c.     Check Hose for splits. If so remove cleaner from pool and call The Pool Smith 3848 0552

d.    Check the pump has water in the lint basket when turned on. If not prime the pump (See Pump section)

e.    Check Vacuum plate has a good airtight fit in skimmer box. If not remove and call The Pool Smith 3848 0552.

2.    My pool cleaner is moving but its not scrubbing the floor!

a.    The Scrubbing plate will need replacement.

3.    My pool cleaner isnt going up the walls!

a.    Check baskets and filter pressure.

b.    Adjust float on hose. Normally 1metre from skimmer gives best results.

4.    My pool cleaner misses sections of my pool!

a.    Very common with older cleaners. Adjust weight to 1 metre from skimmer. Move weight gradually to improve performance

5.    My pool cleaner has broken wings or skirt!

a.    Call the Pool Smith to arrange a service. Advise operator over the phone of which section is broken and model off the side of the cleaner.


1.    My pump leaks!

a.    If it is from the Lint pot, undo the lid and clean the basket. Clean grit from O-Ring and replace.

b.    If from housing advise to turn the pump off, unplug it and call The Pool Smith 3848 0552.

2.    My Pump is making a squeal or grinding noise!

a.    Turn the pump off, unplug it and call The Pool Smith on 3848 0552.

3.    My Pump has no water in it!

a.    Undo lint pot lid and pour in a bucket of water. Replace lid and turn on. (This is known as Priming the Pump)May need to be done twice, if still no water turn off and unplug & call The Pool Smith 3848 0552.



There are three common types of filters in domestic pools, these are as follows:

Sand Filter

     A large sphere normally made of fibreglass or thermoplastic.

Cartridge Filter

     A Can shaped tank with an element inside them.

DE Filter

     A Tank normally in 2 parts joined by a band. The tank is normally made of Thermoplastic or Stainless Steel. It contains elements or candles inside and a white powder Diatomaceous Earth.

Filters should run between 50psi & 120psi

1.        Check gauge returns to zero when the filter is turned off.

2.        If pressure is high for a Sand filter Backwash filter.

                Turn pump off, then move valve to backwash

                Turn filter back on and wait till the water in the clear sight is clear.

                Turn off and move valve to Rinse, turn back on and run for 30 seconds. Turn off and move valve back to filter and turn pump back on. If pressure is still high call The Pool Smith on 3848 0552.

3.        If pressure is high on a Cartridge Filter.

        Turn Pump off. Undo filter lid and remove cartridge. Hose down and then soak in Filter Cleaner.

        Reinstall and turn pump back on, If still high call The Pool Smith 3848 0552

4.        If pressure is high on a DE Filter.

        Turn off and unplug and call The Pool Smith 3848 0552



For all water related problems have the client take a sample into The Pool Smith at 9 Eric Crescent Annerley or Call for a service.


Salt Chlorinators

Pump running Time may need to be up to 12hours a day in summer!

1.    If the Cell is dirty

a.    Remove from Housing and clean in Salt Cell Cleaner. Dont use Acid or Diluted Acid as it can damage the cell.

b.    Call The Pool Smith for a service.

For all other salt Chlorinator issues please call a Service Person!