The Pool Smith specializes in Chlorine free pools using the Naturally Clear ioniser.  Having fitted thousands of ionisers over many years we are happy to recommend the Dontek Naturally Clear as one of the most advanced units we’ve seen & it has a 3 year warranty to boot.  Unlike others on the market it is fully adjustable and there is no need to completely unplug it to control the output, just turn it down with the push of a button, it even has an inbuilt timer & a 10 day battery backup so it can run on off peak power if required!


Naturally Clear has been designed to reduce chlorine, bromine & electricity usage to the absolute minimum.  A saving of 70% can be expected in a typical installation. It produces positive ions of copper and silver in the pool or spa water. The copper ions are effective as an algaecide and the silver ions are an effective bactericide


The advantages of fitting a Naturally Clear to your pool include:

*          Reduced running time of your pool pump & filter   

*          Minimal chemical costs

*          Cleaner swimming water

*          No chlorine smells

*          Kills Black Spot & Mustard Spot

*          Increases pump life

*          Kills Bacteria that is resistant to chlorine

*          3 year Warranty

*          Designed & manufactured in Australia

*          Inbuilt Timer, Clock & 10 day battery back up

*          Variable output & manual override

*          APVMA Permit 61279

The unit has 2 electrodes which are an alloy of copper and silver and are supplied in a transparent polycarbonate cell enclosure. The cell is supplied with both 40mm and 50mm adaptors and barrel unions for connection to pool plumbing. A cable with 2 eye terminals connects to the cell electrodes by brass wing nuts.


The unit allows for a DC ionizing current from 50 milliamps up to 400 milliamps in eight steps of 50 milliamps which caters for small up to large pools. The polarity is reversed every 3 minutes so that both electrodes wear evenly and their life expectancy in a correctly balanced pool is around 3 years. The unit has a real time clock which, along with the filter and ionizing times, can be set by the customer.



Input - 240Vac 50Hz 10A 2400 Watt

Output – DC ionizing current from 50 milliamps up to 400 milliamps in eight steps

Electrical Approval Certificate – Q96291

Approval Standard – AS/NZS3136:2001 Including Amendments 1&2

APVMA Approval Number 61279